When is a tree not a tree? When it’s a hazard. We all love trees they give us oxygen and cool air and shade. But when the trees damage or health declines it could be a danger to be around.

The tree’s internal damage can’t be fully evaluated from the outside and the behavior of a tree declining can’t always be predicted. But there are ways to identify signs of serious damage to make sure our tree does not become a hazard.

Visible signs to look for that a tree might be a hazard:

  • Root damage
  • Poor Crown form
  • Cracked or split bark
  • Decay

Without a strong and healthy root system, a tree can become unbalanced and hazardous. Damage can occur in many different ways including:

  • When tree roots are severed to install paving or other construction
  • If people walk on or drive over the top surface of the roots
  • When roots decay and no longer act as supports

The tree’s biggest protection is this bark. Bark keeps insects and disease from getting in. When a tree bark cracks or splits it is exposed to decay.

Take a look at the trees around your home today and see if there are any hazards to be found.

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