Windows are an essential feature of every home. Windows boost the look of our home, provide natural light, and improve energy efficiency.

There are a few window safety tips to keep in mind that will ensure everyone inside is protected and secure.

  • Don’t forget to lock your windows. When this simple step is forgotten it puts your home and family at risk. If your windows are unlocked children can easily get injured. It also makes it easier for burglars to enter the home. Remember to lock your windows at night or when you’re not in a room.
  • Carefully choose window treatments. This is especially important in a home with children. It’s best to avoid window treatments with strings and chords.
  • Window fire safety is also important. Windows may have to serve as an emergency exit, so all the windows must be working correctly. Fix and repair any windows that are broken and make replacing them a priority.
  • Tempered glass windows are excellent because they don’t break into small pieces if they are shattered or broken. Also, it’s much stronger than non-tempered glass and can take a hit before it breaks.

Understanding the importance of window safety is necessary to minimize accidents and maximize safety.

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