We often think of the average picture of a happy family buying their first home with a big back yard and a picket fence. But while that may be the dream of many, for some of us – it is just the opposite. We may want a home with very little maintenance and an HOA (Home Owner’s Association) to take care of the big stuff. Well, if that is the case, then a townhouse would be right for you.

A townhouse is basically an “attached home”. Often times 2-4 homes or more will be attached, and is usually in a neighborhood/development of the same types of homes. These neighborhoods are also desirable because of the lack of maintenance work the owner as to do. Often time, most (if not all) of the exterior of the property are taken care of by the HOA, while the interior is taken care of by the owner.

While this is a benefit, it also limits you. You can’t do certain things to your home if the HOA doesn’t give permission. Sometimes HOA’s can be difficult to work with, but most of the time they are pretty reasonable. Some also complain about HOA fees being paid each month, but they use that money to provide services to the residents there.

All in all, a townhouse is a great choice for many home buyers.

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