Homeowners are almost always a bit nervous about the first impression their home will send both to the buyer and the Home inspector. Staging your home affects both the potential Buyer and the Home Inspector. While most sellers are interested in staging to attract potential buyers, staging will also impress the Home Inspector.

There are several things that homeowners can do to make the space appealing and inviting for Open House showings, photos for home listings, and the infamous walkthroughs. Home staging can take a DULL home to a Dazzling home in no time.

Here are a few suggestions for Staging your home successfully:

  1. Keep it Clean – Have your home Professionally cleaned inside and out. Nothing is more pleasing to the senses than a clean home. Both the buyer and the home inspector will be impressed when they walk through the door if it looks and smells good.
  2. Declutter – Make sure the surfaces are free of all that extra stuff that’s never really used and just taking up space. Surfaces should only have 3 or fewer items on top. Again focus on the inside and the outside, taking note of the garage and the attic. Both places will receive a visit from the buyer and home inspector.
  3. Don’t make it PERSONAL – We love to put all the pictures from our kids on the fridge and every picture of them from preschool thru college on a wall in the house. Not the best idea when staging a home. Keep those walls clear of the family and display unique and interesting artwork instead.

So remember to WOW the Buyer and the Home Inspector from the moment they pull up to your house and walk through the door. You can do just that when your home is properly staged!

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